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7 New Features Added in STEMscopes Curriculum Makes Lesson Management Even Easier than Before

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on January 20, 2017


January 2017— A new run of additional features that have been implemented or are in the process of becoming completed within the next year have made the STEMscopes curriculum an even easier product to navigate and utilize.


In the mix of all the updates there are some that come directly from users whose feedback became a reality and include improvements like the Student Wondering of Phenomena, an upgraded version of Student Wondering, and Picture Vocabulary editable slides that are easy-to-customize.

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Inauguration Week—What Do Educators Anticipate with the new Trump Administration?

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on January 13, 2017



With the beginning of a new presidential administration just around the corner, many educators are questioning the future of educational programs. What policies can educators anticipate for PreK-12 education with the elected Trump administration? While only time can tell what changes will occur, here are initiatives currently being discussed among educators.

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