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Leveraging Mentors in Your First Year of Teaching: A Perspective

Posted by David Alviar on August 18, 2017


The first few years of teaching are rough. Struggling with how to teach, what to teach, how to communicate with parents, and how to navigate the pressures from school administration are common. Many teachers feel isolated, unable to improve, and—perhaps worst of all—unsure of how to improve. Professional development is always a powerful option to help improve teaching proficiency, but only when used judiciously. You have to attend (and participate) in professional development that targets your weaknesses rather than reinforcing your strengths. What options do teachers have when such professional development programs are not readily available, or when they don't know where to begin? The answer: fellow teachers.

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5 Famous Scientists Dedicating Their Lives to Discovery

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on August 11, 2017



How do you keep students interested in STEM? Role models in STEM can influence a student's interest to learn as intriguing, cutting-edge stories of discovery are found in various areas of science. Here are five scientists who are currently leading the way in innovation. 

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