What Is RTI (Response To Intervention) In Education?

Let’s explore the key features of Response to Intervention (RTI), a proactive multi-tiered approach to providing academic and...

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Tags: intervention, RTI, data-based decision making

The Importance of Data Literacy in the Classroom

In today’s information age, we all want to claim we’re data-literate, but what does that really mean?

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Tags: "STEM", data literacy

10 Quick Math Warm-Up Activities

When you’re looking to introduce or review a math concept, use warm-ups at the beginning of class to get students engaged and...

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Tags: math, warm-ups

Phenomenon-Based Learning: Beyond the Buzz

Everyone seems to be talking about phenomenon-based learning, and with good reason. It’s a powerful way to engage students,...

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Tags: "STEM", real world connection, phenomena