7 Solid Strategies To Improve Math Test Scores

There is no single strategy when it comes to how to improve math test scores in the classroom. A classroom full of students...

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How to Support Multilingual Learners in Math

If you’re a curriculum leader or math teacher, you are probably facing the challenge of how to support multilingual learners in...

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Strategies For An Interactive Math Class

Math class can be a challenge for many students, particularly those who struggle with the subject.

However, by making math class...

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Math Vocabulary as a Tool not a Barrier

Even for students with an intuitive sense of math, its specialized vocabulary often gets in the way, but that doesn’t have to be...

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The Top 7 Elements of a Highly Effective Math Class

Math strategies, regardless of grade, hover around the key principles of conceptual understanding and procedural literacy....

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Overcoming Math Anxiety and the Fear of Math

When you ask kids what they’re afraid of, math is not a common answer. They’re thinking about spiders or monsters or that creepy...

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Cooperative Learning in STEM

STEM and cooperative learning strategies go hand-in-hand. If cooperative learning is the teaching method to engage students,...

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How to Use CRA to Teach Math and Increase Student Learning

Think back to your earliest memories of math class...

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Using Inquiry-Based Learning With STEMscopes Math Activities

Traditional methods of teaching math only work for a handful of students. The majority of students struggle trying to learn math...

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