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Bringing the Real-World into the Classroom—Enhancing the Future Workforce

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on February 15, 2017



Goodbye long lectures, classroom busy work, and glazed over eyes. Today's teachers are helping students become more engaged with a progressive take on the learning process.

 Educators have now started to use a blend of both the academic curriculum and real-world experiences to help motivate students to learn and develop skills that prepare them for their future professions.  Community projects, internship opportunities, and other activities are helping educators prepare students for the workforce.

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Homework—Does it Get a Passing Grade?

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on January 27, 2017




From sports and music to art and homework, are students taking on too much? Students' daily schedules have evolved to include many extracurricular activities, including the additional work they are assigned in class to do at home. With today's hectic family schedules, the commonly required hours of homework are being questioned. 

While some teachers wrestle with the balance of homework, some schools have make blanket policies of "no homework." How much homework is necessary? What type of homework should be assigned?

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Topics: homework success classroom academic, importance of homework in classroom, homework relevance to academic success, homework and academic success

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