Collaborative Learning in Science

Chances are, you have encountered some type of team project at some point in your educational journey or at a workshop.

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How To Use Cooperative Grouping In Science

Working together to accomplish shared goals — Isn’t this what any group project in school is all about?

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Digital vs Traditional: How Digital Education Is Changing the Educational Landscape

Schools and institutions everywhere experienced an abrupt transformation due to the global pandemic as they quickly adapted to...

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Critical Thinking in Science: Fostering Scientific Reasoning Skills in Students

Thinking like a scientist is a central goal of all science curricula.

As students learn facts, methodologies, and methods, what...

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Tags: science, "STEM", project-based learning

Diversity in Tech: How Coding is a Social Equalizer

Technology is all around us, and its capabilities are becoming more and more impressive.

As the tech industry continues to create...

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Professional Development For Teachers: Leveraging PD At Your School

The value of teacher professional development in facilitating student achievement cannot be overstated.

Here we discuss the...

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