There’s Nothing Ordinary About the STEM Everyday Podcast

CJ Thompson | Published  October 28, 2022

Host Chris Woods brings fascinating interviews with a fantastic array of authors, makers, educators, and STEM celebrities.

There are so many podcasts nowadays that it seems everyone can find something that speaks directly to their specific interests. From lovers of true crime stories to foodies, from pet owners to fans of classic TV, all of us can find many podcasts that pique our interest. The STEM Everyday Podcast is the right choice if your interests include STEM education.

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The STEM Everyday Podcast stands out from many others in the scope and variety of guests and the topics they discuss. Host Chris Woods, a high school math teacher, and education presenter, talks to everyone, from those working the front lines of STEM education, including classroom teachers and administrators, to those working in the STEM field, including engineers and scientists, to STEM celebrities like Philippe Cousteau, to his grandfather. Topics run the gamut, from kids' books to coding, from engineering to empathy, and from virtual reality to women in STEM.
Chris has a knack for picking guests with something interesting to talk about and getting them to talk. Chris can also ensure that every episode includes practical ideas for STEM educators while highlighting a bigger picture.

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If all this sounds like your thing, then definitely look for The Stem Every Day Podcast wherever you get your podcasts or find them online at No matter what aspect of STEM education interests you, you’ll find something you like. Below I highlight a few of my favorites.

Episode 144 feat. Jennifer George:

You may never have heard of fashion designer Jennifer George, but you may be very familiar with her grandfather, Rube Goldberg. Even if you are unfamiliar with the cartoonist and author, you likely have heard of a Rube Goldberg machine. This device overcomplicates a simple task with a complex interaction of many parts. In this episode, Chris and Jennifer discuss her grandfather's work and legacy, including a competition for students of all ages. Besides discussing the implications for STEM learning in building a Rube Golberg device, the discussion includes more significant ideas, including the concept of learning through failure, equity, and sustainability.

Episode 197 feat. Laurie Wallmark:

Speaking of people you’ve never heard of, do you know about Elizabeth Friedman, a code breaker who played pivotal roles in both world wars? Neither had I until I listened to this chat with author Laurie Wallmark whose books tell the stories of female STEM heroes throughout history. The Friedman book, in particular, is fascinating not just because it is a new and intriguing bit of history but because it tells the story of a woman who became a cryptographer despite having no particular interest in mathematics in general or code-breaking specifically. It’s great to hear how someone who grew up loving languages and literature can find their way to STEM.

Episode 75 feat. Judy Zimny:

Someone I know is my colleague Judy Zimny, who in this episode talks with Chris about the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE), an online program that offers educators and schools the opportunity to get a STEM certification. Judy is the Vice President of NISE, a project I helped develop along with my colleague Dr. Whitney Dove. If you, your fellow teachers, or your school is interested in earning a STEM certification, check out this podcast or just visit

With more than 200 episodes, I can’t even scratch the surface of all this podcast has to offer. Suffice it to say that if you are a STEM educator, this podcast has something for you!

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Which STEM subjects are of interest to you?

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