5 Resources for Teaching ELL Students in the Classroom

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on June 18, 2018




With a growing population of English Language Learners in the classroom, many teachers feel underprepared to support the individual learning needs of ELL students. Fortunately, onli

ne resources are available to help teachers explore strategies and give learning opportunities to these students. 

From printed materials to digital tools, a variety of materials can help ELL students develop language and literacy skills that will prepare them for comprehending classroom curriculum. Integrating hands-on resources and setting up flexible grouping can also help teachers develop ways to support ELL students at various skill levels. 

Here are five valuable resources that can give a teacher foundational support for ELL students in all areas of study, including science and STEM education. 

Colorin Colorado

Coloring Colorado offers a variety of articles, books, videos and tools for educators and families of English Language Learners. This resource provides information on science courses that can help ELL students become successful in STEM education. 

ESL Library

This website provides materials for ELL teachers around the world. It covers a variety of topics that can benefit ELL adults, teenagers, and young learners. From learning grammar to discussing real-world issues, ESL Library provides a wide range of lessons and worksheets with topics that keep ELL/ESL students engaged in learning. 

ESL Gold

For free resources that include daily lessons, videos and vocabulary activities, ESL Gold offers materials for all skill levels of English Language Learners. It also provides one-on-one tutoring to help students outside of the classroom. 

One Stop English

Teaching tips and ELL methodology can be accessed on One Stop English. Lesson plans are categorized foe ELL students of all ages and even include language lessons focused on real-world application, including science materials related to a STEM program. 

Activities for ESL Students

Through the contribution of thousands of teachers, this website shares activities, lessons and tests for ELL students. Categories are broken into the student's native language to more easily help them recognize English grammar and vocabulary. 

Communities and Blogs

Communities and blogs on the topic of ELL are also available for teachers including, Teacher Talk and the English Blog. Edutopia is another valuable resource with a variety of ELL strategies that can boost student engagement including articles on using technology and art to build language skills. 

Academic success for ELL students largely depends on learning basic language skills that are applicable to classroom curriculum and real-world situations. By supporting ELL students with engaging and interactive resources, they will be more prepared in their future education. 


Check out why this school district uses STEMscopes for their ELL students: https://youtu.be/0CFRZubYk3w



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