Introducing Students to the Future of Coding

Posted by John Vogel on October 12, 2020

The world as we know it is changing every day. With emerging technology shifting more and more toward the digital sphere, required life skills are constantly evolving. Some say the jobs of tomorrow have not yet been discovered, and research shows that 80 percent of all future jobs will require a certain degree of STEM literacy.

The demand for coding, in particular, has grown and it will continue to be an important skill in the future. But for some, coding can seem like a difficult skill to learn. It is complex, challenging, and often intimidating. So, what can we do to make coding more approachable for young children?

If we want our children to have a bright future in the competitive digital landscape, we must teach them these essential skills. Enter STEMscopes Coding, powered by Bitsbox. 

STEMscopes Coding shows students how to build and share their own personalized apps through typed JavaScript Code. It requires no prior experience, and offers endless hours of rewarding coding activities for students in grades K–8. Not to mention its flexibility—our coding curriculum can be used in the classroom, for afterschool programs, as a summer school curriculum, and in many other settings. 

Take this summer, for example. We held learning camps and hackathon competitions, where students were asked to create and submit their own coded educational games using what they had learned in STEMscopes Coding.

Throughout the program, these students learned not only how to code, but also how to face challenges head on and find creative solutions to overcome them, absorbing not only a valuable tech skill, but also a critical life lesson applicable in many situations. 

Students also learned about the many possibilities introduced by coding, inspiring them to learn more and consider a career in coding. Watch below to see what our contest winners had to say about the lessons they learned through coding.

Here at STEMscopes, we are proud to be inspiring future tech leaders across the country to challenge themselves with new skills in coding. 

“Coding in Bitsbox made me more confident about coding in the future,” says student Maria. “I would love to build my own app and launch it into the app store one day.”

Student Mayah Torres also states, “I learned a lot about how programmers code things like games, apps, and basically any type of technology, from your refrigerator to your iPhone.” 

Ready to teach your students these essential skills with STEMscopes Coding? Learn more at

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