Structure and STEM Resources for Distance Learning

Clare Agostinelli | Published  March 20, 2020

We realize these days look different from our normal routine, especially for students who are used to following a structured schedule within a classroom. While as parents and teachers, we may not be able to exactly replicate a classroom structure and schedule at home (and that’s OK), we can provide a sense of normalcy for our kids, and keep them learning through the days ahead. To make remote learning easier, we’ve provided five activities and scheduling resources that support learning from home. 

While we support continued learning at home, we advise you to not put pressure on yourself during this time of school closures and other stressors. If your schedule looks different some days, that’s certainly fine. Take this time to enjoy your family, be flexible, and stay safe. We wish you happy days at home and ahead!
  1. Check out this structured schedule resource from Khan Academy that can be modified for your household based on what makes sense for you and your student(s). Tip: Start the learning earlier in the day when kids are most focused, and plan the fun outdoor activities for the afternoon. 
  2. Connect STEM to your home life with these STEM distance learning activities that use common household items.
  3. Your student(s) can learn about careers in science and reflect on what they’ve done this year in their science classrooms and how it looks similar to a STEM career with this STEM Career Venn diagram.

    Real-world connections
  4. This is the perfect opportunity for personalized learning, where students dive into topics they find exciting. After researching a topic, the student completes this KWL chart and records what they know, want to know, and what they learned. The student can complete this activity using a book from their own shelf or an online resource! Here are some online resources that are a great start:
    • Listen and learn about science with NPR’s Wow in the World podcast for families 
    • Check out all the print and video resources at PBS Science, organized by age and scientific topic
  5. Continue learning Science at home and even have fun collaborating with your family members


Structured schedule resources (Khan Academy):

Careers in science (Science Buddies):

Personalized Learning (Understood):

“Wow in the World” podcast (NPR):

Science for Parents (PBS):

Science at Home (Creative Commons):

Families Support Science Learning at Home (Creative Commons):


Which STEM subjects are of interest to you?

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