7 New Features Added in STEMscopes Curriculum Makes Lesson Management Even Easier than Before

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on January 20, 2017
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January 2017— A new run of additional features that have been implemented or are in the process of becoming completed within the next year have made the STEMscopes curriculum an even easier product to navigate and utilize.


In the mix of all the updates there are some that come directly from users whose feedback became a reality and include improvements like the Student Wondering of Phenomena, an upgraded version of Student Wondering, and Picture Vocabulary editable slides that are easy-to-customize. Here is the complete list of updates that are set in the 2017-2018 year:

1. Student Wondering updates draw on more real-world application

The Student Wondering, found on the home page, has now been updated to Student Wondering of Phenomena and has been rewritten to show a direct correlation between question and assessment in the CER lessons. The Student Wondering of Phenomena gives a real-world perspective to the students as they go through the scope. 


2. Graphic Organizer has added the Student Wondering of Phenomena

The Graphic Organizer element will also now have a callback to the Student Wondering of Phenomena section directly inside the note-taking tool. This helps students be able to formulate thoughts and ideas while being able to recall the original question.


3. PhET: Simulation Practices are now embedded directly into curriculum

We now have PhET Interactive Simulations from the University of Colorado - Boulder embedded in the curriculum. The new element is called PhET: Simulation Practice and can be accessed directly  for easier access in appropriate scopes in the Elaborate section. 


4. Documents in Picture Vocabulary element now editable for NGSS, California, and Texas

Picture Vocabulary sections in NGSS, California, and Texas now give teachers the ability to download editable slides to help customize their approach to the subject. PDF downloads have also been upgraded, and are now embedded and downloadable for a more flexible choice. Plans to make this available across all curriculums are in place. 


5. Twig Videos in Picture Vocabulary—Challenge Yourself video glossary have been updated

Grades 3-HS will now be able to access the Twig video—Challenge Yourself directly from the Video Glossary for easier viewing. The Challenge Yourself video glossary links have also been upgraded to align and meet standards more fluidly. 


6. Parent Resources now gain additional features

Updated resources have been added to the Parent Resources section of the curriculum to include editable and customizable parent letters to ensure your students' parents are always in the know and and offer insight in the STEMscopes philosophy.


7. CER support text has now been added

The new easy-to-interpret CER support text has been added into the Do: Scientific Investigation section to help separate the teacher/student approach. This text provides guidance on lesson planning and ensures that K-3 CER lessons meet the correct expectancy for each grade level. 


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