Big Things have Small Beginnings

Posted by Science Explored on August 27, 2012

Working around-the-clock, with fanfare and fireworks, STEMscopes™ is proud to launch its new website:!  We’ve redesigned the website, given it a facelift, and made it more user-friendly thanks to dedicated user feedback.  The drive behind our transformation was to make STEMscopes™ not only more accessible but also more feature-rich in order to benefit teachers, parents, and students. is now packed with new content such as an interactive map with video testimonials and weekly blogging.  In addition, our parallel mobile app for Android and iPhone is will soon be downloadable as a link on our homepage and on the Android and  / iPhone app stores to get STEMscopes™ when you’re on the go.

Our upgrades don’t end there!  Perry, our beloved rocket ship mascot, has blasted into social media.  Check out our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube sites and stay current with what is happening with STEMscopes™, connect with fellow users, and see what’s going on in classrooms across Texas.  Join us with a click on your favorite social media site:





Finally, one of the most exciting new features is our blog, written to be an engaging and insightful read whether you are an educator, parent, or student.  Every week, we’ll be adding a new entry on topics such as current events in science, best practices in education, and how to get the most out of STEMscopes™. 

Individual user sites will soon be updated with an analytics engine to monitor usage of STEMscopes™ and a more robust student management system.  In addition, we compiled all the assessment questions of a scope in a single PowerPoint so that it can be seamlessly integrated into existing clicker and active vote technology you already may have in the classroom.  As always, STEMscopes™ wouldn’t be STEMscopes™ without our users’ input – we eagerly welcome reader comments and feedback to inspire us for future blog entries.  Check back with us next week as our blog takes root!


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