2-Year Study Shows the Power of STEMscopes™

Posted by Science Explored on January 13, 2013

Completing a 2-year independent study, STEMscopes™ has set itself apart from competitors.  Over 6,000 eighth graders across more than 35 classrooms in 12 different schools lent their high-stakes test data to the study.  Results were clear:  classrooms with STEMscopes™ demonstrated a significantly higher probability of success on state science exams even after variables such as English language proficiency, socioeconomic status, and different teachers were accounted for.  To read more about the study, see the results in detail, and understand how variables were controlled for, click here.

The implications of this study are both immediate and profound.  Using STEMscopes™ with fidelity to inquiry-based learning produces powerful results.  The power of STEMscopes™ is a credit to the teachers of Texas who write it and our users who continually voice concerns and suggestions to improve STEMscopes™ for all.  We hope all of you who have contributed to its development from writing complex PBLs to clicking the in-site feedback button share in our happiness and feel not only pride in the curriculum you’ve helped build but also in your abilities as an educator. 

STEMscopes™ also enjoyed qualitative success this past Friday with a visit from 23 Chinese high school principals from the Haidian District of Beijing.  The group completed a tour of American universities and schools with Rice Digital Learning and Scholarship (RDLS), the overarching organization of STEMscopes™.  RDLS piqued their interest as a forerunner in the field of digital learning – it was a singular privilege to have delegates from overseas come learn about integrating RDLS’ research, practices, and products such as STEMscopes™ into their own education systems.  To learn more about the Chinese delegation’s visit, click here.

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