Math Teacher Writer Highlight: Steve Baker

Posted by Richard Kingham on August 19, 2021

Steve Baker writes for STEMscopes Math on the go. After teaching elementary math and science for years, Baker and his wife packed up his RV and hit the road with their two sons. In between homeschooling their children and traversing the country, Baker can be found pouring his knowledge into our curriculum.

Screenshot_20210818-220918-552In addition to teaching elementary school, Baker has taught middle school math and served as a math and science instructional coach at the elementary level. He brings these many years of experience to STEMscopes Math, which he first encountered at the Texas school district where he worked when he and his wife were preparing for their journey. 

Baker was impressed and decided to apply for a freelance writing position. Since that time the partnership has grown, to the benefit of both parties.

“Writing for STEMscopes is great because of the flexibility,” Baker says. “I can work when I want to. It's also been great being able to work from home, wherever that is at the time.”

Baker and his clan split their travels between Texas, Florida, and Ohio, enjoying the festivities of Disney World and spending time with extended family.

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