Student Token System

Posted by Science Explored on August 14, 2013

Adding your students one-by-one or using a .csv import are great ways to get your students into STEMscopes, but they can be time consuming.  Wouldn't it be nice if students could help you get themselves into STEMscopes so that you can assign them activities and assessments?  Houston, we have a solution!  Our resident tech-gurus have come up with an even more fluid method for your tech-saavy students: the token system. 

STEMscopes' token system allows teachers to do one of two things in a jiffy:

  1. Students who already have a STEMscopes login can add themselves to a group that you have already made.
  2. If your students do not have a login/password for STEMscopes yet, they can both create their own and then add themselves to a group that you have previously created.  (Don't forget to get their username/password from them!  You can always reset their passwords and usernames within the student management system.)

Token System

You can access the new token system by logging in to STEMscopes and checking under the student groups tab in the top header next to scopes .  For each group that you create, you will notice a small "Group Code" appear to the right of group name (see image above).  Click on the group code to receive a unique URL that you can then distribute to your students so they can do the leg work for you and add themselves to STEMscopes and a specific group.  Upon visiting the URL, students will have the option of doing either #1 or #2 listed above.  Enjoy!

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