Teacher Writer Spotlight: Susan G. Galvan

Posted by Lesly Gregory on August 23, 2021

It’s all about the science for Susan G. Galvan. Not only has she worked in science education practically her whole career, but she also loves analyzing data. You can’t get more scientific than that!

Susan G. GalvanRetired from teaching, Galvan is currently a science consultant in Texas. Her previous roles range from high school science teacher to science fair coordinator, science curriculum specialist, and more.

Having recently joined the STEMscopes team, Galvan is excited about all the work she gets to do. “I love all the different strategies we use to reach every learner,” she says. A true team player, her nominating colleague calls Galvan a “superb asset for the high school science writing team.” It’s her attention to detail, creativity, writing skills, and overall enthusiasm for the work that makes her such a valuable contributor to STEMscopes.

Galvan infuses her work with passion, but still has plenty left over when it comes to family. As the mom of two “wonderful sons and daughters-in-law,” she loves that her family is big and boisterous. According to Galvan, holidays are never boring with her crew.

For more information visit https://info.stemscopes.com/stem-resources

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