K-12 Tracker Posters now Available

Posted by Science Explored on January 31, 2013

Hot off the presses, STEMscopes™ now has K-12 science TEKS tracker posters ready for your download.  With the addition of our biology, chemistry, and physics posters, all of our trackers have undergone stylistic changes to make them even better for you and your students.  These posters are great for use as whole class mastery trackers, quick visual TEKS reminders, and individual student "how am I doing?" trackers.


Our hope is that these empower your students to take ownership over their grades and learning in a very visual way.  Students can easily see what reporting categories and specific TEKS they are weak in.  At the same time, your pupils can easily compare and help each other by being self-assured that they are masters in a given objective.  

You can download these freebies on our resources page here or by visiting our Pinterest.  Print them out, share them, blow them up into perfect classroom posters - students will love them and you'll love how they foster student-centered learning.

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