Math Teacher Writer Highlight: Helen Squire

Posted by Richard Kingham on January 31, 2022

Helen Squire’s love for STEM can be found in all areas of her life—from her job as a math teacher at a charter school, her education (a bachelor’s and master’s in civil engineering), her side gig as a STEMscopes Math curriculum writer, and even her chosen names for the family dog and cat (Vader and Tesla). Her deep interest in STEM has enabled her to leave a lasting mark on STEMscopes Math.

In 2019, our curriculum team set out to improve our spiraled reviews—a feature dedicated to facilitating in-depth reviews of current and previous grade-level content through stories. Squire was responsible for ensuring the quality of the stories. 

“[The Spiraled Reviews] are super cute, and she paid extra special [attention] to making sure none of the stories were repeated,” says STEMscopes Math curriculum developer Carly Findley.

Squire’s passion for producing engaging curriculum keeps her at STEMscopes, despite her packed schedule: “I love the great content we produce. I am so excited for kids to use STEMscopes,” she says.

In her spare time, Squire hikes, camps, and builds Lego sets with her husband and two kids. They also “love all things Star Wars [and] are currently making [their] way through the Marvel Universe in chronological order.” 

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