Teaching Math Through Art

The connections between art and math aren’t always obvious— one is often taught as a core course, and the other is an elective....

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STEM Career Spotlight: Women In STEM

In honor of Women’s International Month, we would like to spotlight some amazing women scientists who have made significant...

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How Autonomy Can Transform Your Classroom and Empower Students

Giving students autonomy over their learning doesn’t just engage and motivate them; it gives them the skills to achieve...

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Math Strategies For Struggling Students: A New Approach to Challenges

When it comes to math, teaching to a wide range of abilities is never easy. Even when it comes to the basics, some students will...

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Math in the Real World

As teachers, you may feel like a broken record telling your students that they’ll use this math, whatever you’re currently...

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AI In Education - The Impact of ChatGPT in the Classroom

ChatGPT, a language model that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses, has garnered significant attention...

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How to Support Multilingual Learners in Math

If you’re a curriculum leader or math teacher, you are probably facing the challenge of how to support multilingual learners in...

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Strategies For An Interactive Math Class

Math class can be a challenge for many students, particularly those who struggle with the subject.

However, by making math class...

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STEM Career Spotlight: The Impact of Black Scientists and Innovators

Throughout history, many Black scientists have made tremendous contributions to the advancement of STEM and positively impacted...

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Math Vocabulary as a Tool not a Barrier

Even for students with an intuitive sense of math, its specialized vocabulary often gets in the way, but that doesn’t have to be...

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