How To Teach Engineering Concepts In The 21st Century Classroom

The goal of modern education is crystal clear: to ignite students' passion for learning and sustain their interest in expanding...

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Risk Assessment: Minimizing Safety Hazards With The “AAA” Method

Lab risk assessments are an important part of the STEM classroom. It’s a way to recognize existing and potential hazards, assess...

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Types of Learning: All About Learning Styles

Anyone who’s ever stood before a classroom to teach quickly understands that not all students are created the same. This is true...

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Good Lab Practices: Lab Safety Rules

As a lab teacher, you never have to question the importance of following laboratory safety guidelines. You are well aware of the...

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What is Inquiry-based Learning?

Sparking student engagement, no matter the subject matter, often means meeting students where they’re already at.

It’s about...

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9 Outdoor STEM Activities That Bring Science Learning Out Into Nature

What is outdoor stem?

You might think STEM is all about experiments in the classroom or working with computers. But it's not just...

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Bringing STEM to Life: The Role of Hands-On Learning

The old saying “learn by doing” captures the essence of hands-on learning. Let’s dive deep into this learning style to learn more...

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AI Education: The Impact of Classroom AI

It’s beyond time to talk about the impact of AI education in the classroom. Artificial intelligence is already here. Students and...

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Five Ways Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing STEM Learning

As technology continues to change the educational landscape, it’s crucial for educators and decision-makers to be knowledgeable...

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Collaborative Learning in Science

Chances are, you have encountered some type of team project at some point in your educational journey or at a workshop.

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